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About Me .

Psychologist on a mission

When I had completed my study Clinical Psychology, I followed a one-year master's degree in Christian Philosophy and Philosophy, in order to deepen my psychological knowledge. As a therapist I developed into a clinical psychologist through two-year postgraduate training. As a clinical psychologist I specialized in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I applied it just as well to singles and families in my practice.


And to this day I do all this with great pleasure. I also like to speak and write about various topics such as behavioral change, leadership, personal development and ofcourse dating and relationships. My mission is to help people be more in touch with themselves, God if they believe, the people around them and new people in their lives. Connecting, while maintaining healthy boundaries.


I see connection and boundaries as my core values, from which I live and work, at home and professionally. As a therapist I see myself as a passer-by in someone's life, someone who walks along for a while but also makes herself redundant as soon as possible. Healthy bonding should primarily take place at home, with the people you share your life with.  

Do you need help, coaching or in the form of therapy, sign up for an intake interview! Welcome. 


Dare to Date

Couples Counseling

Singles Counseling

Blog: Helpful


Book: Single in Church

Motivational Speaker

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