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counseling .

As a psychologist I work in my own practice at Drijbersingel 51, 4th floor, in Zwolle (the Netherlands) and online via Zoom. I work with individuals as well as couples. I use EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally Focussed Therapy . I also work with a combination of these three and as much as possible solution-oriented and short-term.

People with trauma, anxiety, depression, burnout complaints and relationship problems are very welcome. Even if there is no official diagnosis, but you still want to look at a certain problem or a certain choice in a number of conversations, you are welcome. We call it coaching, but the basic principles are the same.  


You can register by filling out the contact form or by sending an email. You will then receive an invitation for an intake interview. During the intake, we look at whether and how the help I offer fits your request for help.  


Care by a GZ psychologist is approximately 80% to 100% reimbursed by health insurers in the Netherlands, if there is a referral from the general practitioner. I work on a refund basis. This means that you will receive the invoice per call or per month, and that you submit it to the insurer. You pay me the full amount, the insurer reimburses you the percentage stated in your policy.


Couples therapy is a 150 euros per 75-minute appointment. Individual counselling is a 125 euros per hour.


Singles Coaching

One of my specialties is coaching singles who are looking for a relationship. If you get stuck in this for a long time, it can be nice to discuss the process of dating and entering into a relationship with a professional. Most singles were helped in five to eight sessions. They experience pleasure in dating again. They also indicate that they have more realistic expectations of a relationship. Moreover, they experience a grip on the situation again. 

Practical information.

For updates on the waitinglist time please check my waitinglist page. You can register via the contact form or by requesting a referral from your GP (via ZorgDomein).  


Drijbersingel 51

4e verdieping, kamer 21

8021JB Zwolle



9:00 AM - 5:00 PM





Couples Counselling .

Just to let you know you did an amazing job on our marriage. A. is slowly recovering from his depression and started working again. You helped us to recognize our emotions and talk through them instead of avoiding them. Our sexual life has improved too much. Things are starting to fall into place.  We are so thankful for your help in a time we really needed it.  E and A (32&38)

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My Qualifications & Experience .

As a GZ psychologist I graduated from the University of Amsterdam in clinical psychology. I also have a master's degree in Christian philosophy and philosophy. In addition, after a number of years of work experience, I followed the two-year postgraduate training to become a GZ psychologist. Since then I have my own practice as a GZ psychologist. I also worked for a number of years at De Hoop GGZ addiction care and at Eleos GGZ for children, youth and adults, in both BGGZ and SGGZ. In the past ten years I have mainly followed further training in the field of EFT couples therapy. More about this can be found on the  ICEFT website  or in Sue Johnson's book  Hold me.  

I also specialize in working with singles who want a relationship. I have written several books about this: Single in the Church and Meaningful Dating . Both are also available in English, and Zinvol Daten has even been translated into Hungarian.  

Qualifications and Confidentiality

  • I am registered as a GZ psychologist in the  BIG register under number 69914084325. The BIG register is intended for all health care professions, so that patients can check whether a professional has followed the correct training.

  • I am registered as an EFT therapist with the EFT association .  

I am a member of the LVVP . I am also associated with this in the event of complaints, in order to be able to engage a confidential counselor for mediation, both for myself and for my clients. More information about this can be found on the website of the LVVP.  

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